30days-imageI have taken on meditation teacher Sudhir Jonathan Foust’s (to whom I look to for inspiration) invitation: select 1 observance (a behavior you would like to cultivate) and 1 restraint (a behavior you would like to end). These should be specific, measurable and achievable. So my Observance is to eat one meal a day mindfully (savoring each bite, chewing at least 50 times). My Restraint is to have no instant noodles during the week! Yes I used to eat instant noodles daily for breakfast ๐Ÿ™ Thank you for being my โ€œallyโ€ for my own practice – now I am accountable to you as I keep a diary/calendar of my progress below!

Observances and Restraints are part of the Ashta-Anga or eight-limbed path given to us by the great sage Patanjali who wrote the Yoga Sutra (a set 195 doctrines and principles that create the foundation for living a Yogic life). Niyamas (observances/do’s)- speak of the things we want to cultivate. One of these 5 niyamas is Saucha. keeping the body and mind pure. This practice applies to 3 basic areas of life: conscious eating, moderation of intoxicants and mental stimulation. All day we allow things to enter our minds and bodies in these areas. What we watch and read for mental stimuli. An average child witnesses 18K m..s on tv or movies before high school graduation.

Yamas (restraints/don’ts) – outlines the things that a yogi should avoid. One of these 5 is Aparigraha โ€“ the practice of becoming greedless. Non-greedy means living simply, possessing only what is necessary and recognizing that possession are mere tools to use in life. What could you let go of right now in order to be lighter and more free? How can you practice greedlessness in challenging yoga postures?

Have you been considering to establish a healthy habit? How about an unhealthy habit to abstain from? If so, is this a good time in your life to make a commitment to practice? I would encourage you to join many others and me for this 30-day practice. You can start any day and keep a 30-day diary. Why wait for New Year’s?

โ€œIf you want to live a happy life, tie it to a goal, not to people or objects.โ€ Albert Einstein


Days Observance: Eat one meal a day mindfully Restraint: No instant noodles during the week!
Day 1: 28 Sep Yย  ๐Ÿ™‚ Y
29 Sep Y Y
30 Sep Y Y
1 Oct ย y ย y
2 Oct ย y ย y
3 Oct ย y ย y
4 Oct ย y ย y