“If there is a word to describe Anna Johns, it’s YES! Anna brings great inner enthusiasm to each of her students and clients in all the many ways she serves. She offers both deep listening and a lifetime of skill to her offerings.”

Jonathan Foust, Guiding Teacher with IMCW, Founder of the Meditation Teacher Training Institute of Washington and former president of Kripalu Center for Yoga and Health

“Anna is a wonderful yoga teacher who takes the time to understand one’s abilities and health concerns in order to offer a highly tailored approach for individual yoga practise. As her student, I really look forward to my classes where I am encouraged with kind words and we together explore doing the asanas that are increasingly challenging. I truly wish I had met Anna earlier in my life and started this journey a long time ago. I have been telling anyone who’ll listen to me about Anna and the yoga classes and she comes strongly recommended.”

Ram P., Oakton, VA

“Anna’s approach to teaching yoga is special. She starts by listening to your needs, concerns and objectives. Then she customizes her sessions to help you reach your goals. Her unique blend of teaching yoga helps your mind, body and soul. I was gifted my initial sessions and have since continued. Each session is a special treat, happy investment to improve and truly enjoyable. Her knowledge and kindness are part of each session.”

Sunit, P., Oakton, VA

“Anna has been a fabulous addition to my life. She is an unusually gifted meditation and yoga teacher – and I would know, having worked for decades at the top retreat centers in the U.S. I find that she infuses me with her serenity and wisdom. Her guided meditations bring me to a peaceful state of refuge, which I so need in these challenging times. Anna is able to share her  amazing healing, positive energy in a down to earth manner.  What a blessing to have her as my teacher!”

Linda K, Arlington, VA

“I can’t say enough about how wonderful Anna is! She is such a warm and caring yoga instructor, who takes the time to get to know you and tailors each class to your experience level. I recently started one-on-one virtual classes with her during the pandemic. I had been struggling with my mental and physical health for quite a while at that point (panic attacks and an intense pain and tightness in my lower back, knees and hips that had recently developed). I was a bit reluctant and wasn’t expecting to see any changes, but Anna was highly recommended to me by a family member, so I gave her a chance. During my first class, she gave me several helpful tips and urged me to modify my work-from-home setup to improve my posture and to set an alarm to get up every hour during the work day to practice a few of the stretches and poses she had taught me. I was shocked that after just two weeks of yoga with her, my body pain was gone. Her expertise in seamlessly combining yoga and mindfulness has also really helped me cope with my anxiety. I always feel so relaxed and energized after our yoga sessions, and the noticeable difference in my overall mental and physical health has motivated me to continue to incorporate the stretches, poses, and breathing techniques that Anna has taught me into my daily routine!”

–SP, age 24, Oakton, VA

“As someone who was new to yoga, I found myself in a group class with Anna and her instructions for the poses were easy to follow and very helpful. I felt so curious about learning more about all the benefits of yoga that I decided to schedule a 1-on-1 session with her. I’ve been doing an individual session with Anna once a week ever since! 

She helped me feel better in so many ways, but the two best things were that I no longer have arthritis pain in my neck and that my body is no longer as stiff in the mornings. 

If I do feel any discomfort or stiffness, I just do the stretches she’s taught me and it helps. She’s so knowledgeable and works around any medical issues. When I had tendonitis in my ankle, with Anna’s instructions during the class, not only was I able to avoid additional strain or injury, but I was able to gradually heal. Anna knows exactly how to adjust the yoga pose for the individual. I think everyone should work with Anna to maintain their body. 

As a physician specializing in psychiatry, I know well how exercise and meditation are crucial for your health. This is why in addition to prescribing medications for my patients with anxiety and depression, I routinely recommend mindfulness and yoga as complimentary treatment. The mindful movement class that Anna offers is perfect for this. It’s great for self-care and excellent for anxiety and depression. You just feel so calm and refreshed after a session with her. I love her and I highly recommend working with her!”

– Great Falls, VA

“Anna took my needs into account to design an effective stretching regime that fixed my shoulder alignment and gave me significant relief within a short time. I felt listened to and heard, and I highly recommend her.”

– Justin, Washington, D.C.