Twenty-eight thousand eight hundred and thirty-five days: that’s all we have!

How conscious are we of the value of time? Are we spending it wisely? Are we investing our time wisely?

The 16thC French philosopher, Michel de Montaigne was a wise and intelligent writer, yet refreshingly modest, quite different from the philosophers of his time. He only wanted to learn things that were useful, worth understanding – only that which makes us feel better. He wrote: “If man were wise, he would gauge the true worth of anything by its usefulness and appropriateness to his life.”  He observed that we should study our own minds before we study other peoples books. While either studying our own mind or studying other’s books, we should make sure that we are investing our time and effort in how we want ourselves to be in the future.

I am taking this advice and going to spare my precious time only on those things that are useful to me.

I will keep here in my blogs a category of things I come across that are worth reading or listening to, I hope you enjoy: Stuff That Inspires Me.